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  • Thank you so much for the prompt postings! I know I can count on Easy Media to get my content posted in a timely manner.

    JODIE H.

  • I have been trying to gain administrative rights to 6 google business pages for over a year. Once I finally found out the Easy Media could provide me access it took them 10 minutes to make the transfer. Thank you for all of your help!!

    KIM B.

  • I called Easy Media today asking for some help and Adrianne was absolutely wonderful to speak to. She was so helpful and explained everything so clearly as well as she sent a wrap-up email with the actions that were taken. I felt so much better after she assisted me and truly believe she cared. She was very thorough and sincere.

    LEAH M.

  • Each time I contact you guys, you’re just on it! No sooner have I hit “send”, I get an email back straight away to say my FB Account has been updated. Minutes…. Your customer service is just off the chart! Sincerest thanks.


  • I really like how easy they are to work with (no pun intended)! Seriously, they have been great. It is nice to have a company that knows what they are doing, and does what they promise to do!

    SEAN L.

  • We are so appreciative of how quick Easy Media is to respond to our needs. They are always kind and professional. They are wonderful to work with!


  • Our time and experience with Easy Media has proven to be a great educational tool.  With their services, we were able to gain valuable and current demographic information that helped us build our marketing strategy and improve our ability to reach out to the Portland Community with social media.


  • Always available and timely responses. I love it!!


  • Easy Media is AWESOME! A busy manager’s best friend!

    JILL K.

  • You all do a great job! Thank you for everything you do!


  • Easy Media provides for a turn-key operation in Social Media Management is has been a tremendous help for our property. They are excellent at ensuring our requested posts are in compliance with Fair Housing requirements, they post our requested content almost immediately, and have always been pleasant and helpful with interactions. We highly recommend Easy Media to any business that needs an extra boost in social media exposure, as well as maintaining a social media presence. Keep up the great work!

    JOSH H.

  • Extremely helpful with upkeeping all of our social media needs. Telling our residents about our events, referral programs, and keeping them updated on all the events happening in our area. Though we are a small community Easy Media has made our life easier and our community is buzzing on facebook! Plus they are always helpful.


  • We have a small, and buzzing community. Easy Media has been wonderful! They keep our residents updated with ongoing projects, neighborhood events and even sudden announcements. The team are always prompt, thorough and positive with their replies and we really enjoy such happy and efficient communication.

    ELISE M.

  • I am a Leasing Professional at a luxurious community, Easy Media is absolutely AMAZING! We are beyond happy to have this service, if you don’t use them.. you should. All I have to do is send Easy Media a short email saying what is going on at our community and they post it as if they were on our management team! LOVE LOVE LOVE this, thanks for making this so Easy.


  • Never miss a beat! Easy media has been a life saver at our community. With over 300 apartments, sometimes even short messages become a HUGE task. I’ve had nothing but the best service. Easy Media helped me today with an emergency message – they were prompt, concise, and a pleasure to interact with!


  • We here at Summer Brook absolutely LOVE having Easy Media! They are a wonderful company with great employees who are so nice and eager to help with whatever we need! They are such a pleasure to work with and respond so quickly to our requests. We couldn’t ask for a better team to work with and we appreciate everything you guys do for us!!


  • As a Property Manager of a large community, Easy Media has made it easy and fast to connect with my residents! I simply send them our social calendar at the beginning of the month and they update accordingly! They respond quickly to my requests, too! This service is a must-have and very affordable! Thanks for all you do guys!!

    MARIE C.

  • The folks at Easy Media are always helpful and makes it easy for us to get information out to our residents and future prospects. Keep up the great work!


  • We love using Easy Media. It has been such a relief to have a third party company take care of our Facebook page as we are super busy with leasing and other tedious things throughout our day. Even though it only takes a few moments to post it saves us from forgetting or spending time trying to figure out what to post throughout the day. Easy media has definitely made our lives more easy.

    LUCY T.

  • I REALLY appreciate how fast you respond and how fast your entire customer service responds to my requests.


  • Thank you for your prompt response in all my emails for postings. You have not only responded quickly each time I have emailed you to add posts but you also post them accordingly. So far, my experience has been great. Thank you.


  • Social Media Made Easy is the best!

    ANELA A.

  • As usual you guys are AWESOME… PS. Can I add that your team’s level of customer service is hands down something that other companies can only aspire to attain.


  • The team at River Run at Naperville greatly appreciates the EasyMedia team and all they do for us. Each representative we have encountered has been professional, courteous, provided helpful suggestions and has gotten our postings up with a minimal turnaround time! We are very happy with all they have done to help us communicate with all of our residents and to build stronger community communications. We highly recommend using Easy Media to help maintain a professional, polished Facebook presence.


  • Easy Media has never failed us in the year we have used them!! Always very prompt responses, great posts, and always do everything right the first time. Very helpful staff and company, great enthusiasm, we are very satisfied here at The Landing at Dashpoint. They keep our Facebook page up to date and always post fun things that are going on in our area. Definitely recommend them!!


  • Easy Media has always been very helpful, fast, and efficient. I love that I can email anytime and get a fast reply with my adjustments. In the property management world, time in all forms, is one of those precious things we never have enough of! Thanks again Easy Media…you make things…Easy.

    HOLLY R. 

  • Social Media Made Easy has certainly made my life easier! They have transformed our community’s Facebook page into an exciting, informative hub filled with intriguing, community relevant posts! Our residents love it. Thank you, SMME!!!


  • You guys are awesome and are always so quick and helpful as well. I really appreciate the time you take to make sure our page looks great!!

    CASEY R.

  • I think that you all have done a great job. I especially like recently how you have found new birthday graphics, I think that has captivated more interest.


  • Easy Media–what a great name for this service. Thank you all for making my job easier with all you do for my office staff and residents. I love the professional look that you give to our Facebook. Love the customer service we also get each and every time.


  • Easy Media does a great job in preparing professional responses to residents who leave feedback on social websites. They save me a ton of time of not having to draft the replies myself and take out any possibility of emotions or defenses I might convey if I were to write the reply. They are great at drafting responses that are professional and I often find myself thinking, “Wow that is way better than what I would have come up with as a reply”. I truly appreciate their service and professionalism.

    LEN M.

  • I absolutely LOVE Easy Media! Social media is a huge deal, especially in our industry! Knowing that an established, reputable company is taking on the task of finding current events and happenings right in our neighborhood, engaging our residents and prospects, and really interacting with the surrounding community, has allowed me and my team to focus on our main task at hand: LEASING! Our feeds are fresh and relevant and we can even throw in our own content and Easy Media creates the best slogans and headers to really capture our message and our market! Thanks for all you do!

    SARAH A.

  • I really appreciate everything you guys do at Easy Media. Through your services we are able to interact with anyone via social media!! I like the fact that I can pretty much post any events, pictures, prices and specials, news, info, etc. and this helps getting the word out.


  • I have to say your team has been great! Every time I have asked for something to be posted it is done immediately and I appreciate all the help.

    JAIME C.

  • I’ve had a great experience with SMME. I like the way they monitor our business page and post relevant information. It can’t be easy finding out everything about our neighborhood, but SMME does it!

    MEGAN O.

  • I feel that your service is extremely helpful to our community by lending a helping hand to keep up with the social media. You go out of your way to find extra material to help promote our events and information which is fantastic! Thank you for the great work!


  • The service you supply us is amazing. We never have to wait for a response and the fast and speedy service is superb! Everyone is always readily available and we so appreciate that. Thank you for the service!


  • Easy Media is just that, makes our jobs so much easier to post to all our social media. We have used these services many times and they are always fast and effective. It is an amazing service!


  • I love how easy and practically effortless it is to send in ideas or even a simple picture and have it posted throughout our social media sites fine-tuned. It makes my job a whole lot easier and I’m sure grateful for it!


  • I think your service is wonderful. Always very fast response times, and very friendly customer service. Thank you a ton for what you help us with!!!


  • Easy Media is always quick to respond to our requests and makes a beautiful posting for us. I’d definitely recommend to anyone that needs assistance with social media postings. Thank you for all you do!

    MARIE W.

  • Our property is brand new and haven’t been using Easy Media for that long, but so far I am very pleased with the service. They post the media we send them within minutes and I can always count on them to think of a clever caption to go with pictures that we send in. Every media specialist I’ve worked with has also been very friendly and professional. I am truly impressed by Easy Media’s customer service, and and am grateful for all of their help managing our Facebook page!


  • Easy Media is a new feature for me so I had a few questions that needed answers. I emailed the support desk and within a half hour I had a response from the support team. I sent over what I needed to be done and again a quick response from Cassie. Not only did she emailed she called to follow up with me! She took the time to answer all my questions regarding Easy Media. She made any changes I needed while I was on the phone with her which was great! I really appreciate the prompt and attentive service I have received! Keep up the great work!!

    JENN A.

  • It’s very convenient to have this service available to our extremely busy leasing office. It also helps to avoid any errors on our end if we had multiple users with access to our Facebook page. We greatly appreciate your service as our requests are met in a timely, friendly manner! Thank you!


  • Thank you so much for your help. You all have been awesome. We appreciate your service. Have a wonderful day!!

    JENEA W.

  • I absolutely love the service we get from Easy Media. I love that I can always count on them to post quickly and accurately. Easy Media always responds so quickly, thank you for the wonderful service you provide.

    KIM D.

  • I will say this, I completely appreciate your consistently quick responses, it makes my job so much easier! Thank you!

    MARTA B.

  • The service is great! We get responses back very quickly and the content being posted is really great! We are trying to be better to find things that you guys can post but I see that the things you guys post when we cannot get you content is still great! Thank you guys so much!


  • I want to say thank you for doing a fantastic job. You are always very prompt in responding to my business needs. Thank you so much for doing a great job and keep up the good work!


  • Our feedback is always favorable. I am appreciative that you respond quickly and want clarification on event facts. I was so impressed at how quickly pics from our pool party got uploaded!

    PENNI P.

  • I have found SMME to make life so much easier!! We have a million things going on in our office and knowing that our social media pages are being managed properly really puts our mind at ease. We really appreciate all that you do for us!


  • You guys are awesome! You make it so easy and convenient to keep us engaged with our residents in a safe and reliable way! You have no idea!!! Thanks so much!!!

    LUIS F.

  • I love how kind all of the team members are with their replies. Thank you for your creative minds that put all our thoughts in perfect sentences. Y’all are the best!


  • Easy Media is very fast and reliable when it comes to our social media needs. They get the job done efficiently, and are an amazing group of people to work with!

    REID W.

  • Great service from the entire Easy Media team. Always helpful and prompt. Thank you all for everything you do!


  • I have had a great experience in the 2+ years I have been utilizing SMME at my properties. It is a great way to reach residents and prospective residents via social media and you all have made it so simple by managing it for us!


  • In my own words I think the service you guys at Easy Media provide is extremely helpful! For example, days like today where I needed to get out a quick reminder on Facebook I don’t have to worry about logging in or being near a computer to post. Having easy access on my phone, tablet, or laptop when on the go to shoot Easy Media a quick email to have them update our Facebook page takes out the extra time that I DON’T have to allow me to carry on with my day worry-free. You guys rock! Thank you lots!


  • Just wanted to say thank you for all your help with the daily bingo numbers. Also letting me send them to you for the weekend and when I’m off work. Special shout out to the Easy Media team for all their help as I am new to this position and they have helped me along the way.


  • Easy Media has been a life saver for our management team here at River Run at Naperville. It is so easy and convenient to be able to send an email with the all the information we need posted and see it on Facebook and all of our other social media sites in a matter of minutes. The Easy Media Reps have been so helpful and are so creative when it comes to making our posts appealing. Thank you very much!!!!


  • Everyone at Social Media Made Easy (SMMEasy) has been wonderful to work with. Sometimes I want to post something but have difficulty with the best way to write it and the staff at SMMEasy always have great suggestions. The team comes up with relevant local stories to post and keep our page looking fresh. Responses are always quick and their follow-up is amazing! SMMEasy is a great alternative to spending hours on social marketing.


  • We are very happy with Social Media Made Easy. It is easy to use, quick to update, and very professional. Anytime we have issues or new content to update you guys do it quickly and efficiently. It has been a real time saver to have someone professional working our social media and not having to worry about updating contact often or making sure things are fresh.


  • Thank you so much! You have been a great help to our property with all of the social media posts. We understand that it can be time consuming at times, so for that we are appreciative! We thank you for keeping our residents and prospects involved and in touch with the latest.

    MONET R.

  • I really like the fact that we can just send something over easy and so quickly, and your team puts their own special touch on it to make it that much better.You are quick to respond once an email/ request is sent to post to our page with helpful tips/suggestions.


  • I truly appreciate the consistency in customer service and quick responses. It’s nice knowing as soon as I let you know my upcoming posts that they will be taken care of. Anytime we have had an issue with comments by tenants/prospects they are always handled in a professional and timely manner. Thanks a bunch!!


  • I just wanted to say thank you.  I just came across this Cover Photo Easy Media updated.  I like it so much better and I just wanted to say thank you to your and your team. You guys are awesome.


  • We receive great feedback on all the postings. We notice our residents are paying attention! You do a great job and we appreciate it!