Social Spring Cleaning – 6 Steps to Get Your Brand Pages Fresh for Spring

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Now that spring has officially sprung, it’s time for spring cleaning! Okay, we understand not everyone gets excited about cleaning, but we’re going to focus on one type of cleaning that won’t result in back-breaking labor or getting your hands dirty. That’s right, it’s time to clean up your social.

Think about it: when was the last time you reviewed your social media accounts to ensure they were accurate, up-to-date or eye-catching? Chances are it’s been a while since you’ve spruced things up.

That’s why we’ve compiled a checklist of totally doable improvements you can make to your social accounts to make them more attractive and engaging for your followers. Let’s get started!


When people are visiting your business page on social, this is your chance to let them know who you are, what you do, and even give them a taste of your brand personality!

Here are a few tips to get you started...

Keep it short & sweet
Your bio or ‘About’ description should be brief and to the point. Chances are readers are just going to skim this area, so don’t jam pack it with needless information or legalese if possible.

Tell your audience what it is your business does, what makes you stand out from competitors, what geographic locations you might serve, or anything else crucial a general user should know. You can even let them know what they can expect when following your page (ie. ‘helpful decoration tips’, ‘special offer updates’, etc.)

Be thorough 
No one should have to scour the internet for your contact details. Make it easy to connect with your customers by letting them know where to reach you by phone, email, web, or even any other social channels. A company page with the right information can spark connections, increasing engagement and leads.

Starbucks Facebook Page About Section

Starbucks' Facebook About section keeps its copy brief, easy-to-read and to-the-point.

Stay current 
If any profile information is out of date, or incorrect, now is your chance to take an audit and fix anything that needs updating!

Show your personality 
Get creative with what you put in your about section. Using boilerplate, generic business information can put users to sleep. Instead, try incorporating language that is more conversational, human and approachable. 


Don’t leave your customers in the dark on when they can reach you or visit your stores. 

Whether you’re service-based or a business with a physical store location, having up-to-date service hours sets a realistic expectation of when customers can interact with you and can help mitigate any disappointing encounters with your business. 

Nothing is worse than driving across town to a shop you thought was open, only to find the ‘closed’ sign in the window. 

You should especially ensure your hours are current on social platforms that integrate local search such as Facebook and Google+.


Your cover and profile pictures are the windows to your business on social. These image areas are your chance hook your audience, so make sure you use enticing visuals to keep users engaged with your page.

Nutella Facebook Cover Photo

Nutella's Facebook Cover Photo features an image of their magical chocolate spread used in creative ways. Get creative with yours!

For the profile picture area, we encourage using your brand assets, specifically your company logo, main icon or distinguishing brand mark. Not only does this let users visually identify who they’re following, but when they see your posts in their news feeds, they can instantly recognize your brand at a glance.

For the cover photo area, you can be a bit more expressive. This is a great place to share a high-quality photo of your store location, products or staff. Even a flat color background with a snappy tagline related to your business in a clean, modern font can do the trick!

Canva: Easy-to-use web-based design software with free templates for social. (Source: Canva)

Not a graphic designer, or don’t know where to start? Check out Canva for their free and easy-to-use drag and drop graphic builder. They have several templates formatted for each social site to get you started. You can even throw in your own logo and imagery too!


Would you use an awkward high school yearbook photo as your LinkedIn profile picture? Then why use outdated photos for your business?!

There’s never been a better time to take new pics than right now. Technology has advanced so much that a high-quality camera can fit in your pocket!

If you need help getting started, check out these helpful smartphone photo tips to start snapping professionally today.


How secure are your pages? If you haven’t checked in on your business account details in awhile, it’s absolutely worth a look.

At some point, your employees will move on from your company, yet removing their access to your social pages can easily fall off your radar. But what could be worse than a disgruntled ex-employee getting on your social accounts and causing a PR nightmare that ruins your business’ reputation overnight? Not good.

It’s always good practice to do regular audits of who has access rights to pages like Facebook and Google+. Additionally, it’s important to continually update the passwords for accounts like Twitter and Instagram to ensure you keep access to only intended employees.


Are your followers actually fans? And are you giving them the content they want? It’s always good to brush up on your social strategy (or start one) to ensure you’re engaging successfully with your fanbase. Having a framework for your social content also makes it easier to spawn new ideas for posting as well!

Here are a few tips to consider when revising your strategy…

Consider the audience 
Who is your core customer? Think hard about who solicits your business, what they are looking for, what inspires or motivates them and work off that. If you need help, you can even check out your Insights on your Facebook Page settings to see what demographics engage with your content the most. (Your Facebook Page > Insights > People)

Always make sure your brand voice, imagery and content line up with your target audience or you will miss the mark.

Use imagery and videos 
Did you know that Facebook posts with images see 2.3 times more engagement than those without images? Visuals such as photos and videos grab our attention immediately, and can convey a great deal more emotion and detail than one could absorb in the time it takes to read a passage of text. Make sure you don’t fall behind by failing to engage your followers with visual media.

Play to the platform 
What’s right for Instagram may not work for LinkedIn. The tone and content of your posts should match the format the social platform (Text updates on Twitter, pictures on Instagram, business insights on LinkedIn, etc.) The same goes for visual content as well, since all social platforms display media differently.

Provide value
What makes you follow a brand on social? Did they make you laugh, or say ‘wow’ at a creative image, or even provide a helpful tip? Make sure you’re doing the same for your followers. You can add value to their feed by providing entertainment, useful information or content that helps solve an issue for them.

Don’t oversell
No one likes spammers. That’s why they go to a special hidden folder in your inbox! So don’t do the same with your social. That doesn’t mean you can never let people know about your products or services--a good rule of thumb is to only have 20% of your content geared towards selling.

Create a content calendar
Planning your posts in advance helps save time and alleviates stress around scrambling last minute to publish half-baked content. Not sure how to get started? Check out this list of helpful tools to get you there.

Be authentic
Whatever you do, just stay authentic to your brand and to your audience. Consumers want to know that businesses are run by real humans that understand their wants and needs. So just be you!

We hope these helpful tips get your social media presence back on track.

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Need help managing your social?

We have the tools and teams to help you connect with your customers online.