Reviews from Hell: Haunted Edition

It may be spooky season now, but online reviews can prove frightful any time of year!

That's why we've compiled a new set of some of the scariest reviews we've encountered...with one addition. 

This year, all our bone-chilling reviews revolve around properties that are "haunted" (at least according to the residents who left the reviews). 

So without further ado, we bring you this year's "Reviews from hell"...

Not the dog!


Messing with the dog would be the last straw for us too. 

Demon Portal


Apartment amenities include "demon portals" with every floorplan for your convenience.

Apartment 251


Maybe don't take any leasing tours through this one...

"Dead" Pool


Jump on in, the water's nice...and haunted by ghosts.

Cats in the Closet


Does anyone have the number for Ghostbusters?

Full-On Ghosted


We're going to start blaming our failed relationships on ghosts now too!

Responding to Scary (and Even Paranormal) Reviews

If you manage a property with online listings, you are pretty much guaranteed some scary or even confusingly off-topic reviews no matter who you are.

But how do you respond to such reviews?

We suggest using our "AAA" method to craft your responses.

  • Acknowledge - Start off by acknowledging the user and thanking them for taking the time to leave your community helpful feedback.
  • Address - Make sure to address specific painpoints or issues they have brought to light. This lets them know you're actively hearing their concerns.
  • Action - List out actions they or you can take to get resolution. We always suggest taking the conversations offline and having them call, email or visit your office in person if possible.

If this method doesn't help address responding to very off-topic or random reviews, we suggest getting creative! Using tasteful humor, or crafty wordplay can spin something negative into a positive and help address even the most perplexing of reviews.

Here's an example...


This was actually a response to the "Demon Portal" review from above. As you can see, a little wordplay has helped address the concern from the resident while still bringing levity to a very abnormal, or paranormal, situation.

We hope you found these examples entertaining and even came away with some takeaways on how to respond to even the scariest reviews.

Until next year...happy haunting!