Is Instagram Allowing Users to Follow Hashtags?

Instagram allows you to follow everything from your friends to celebrities and even brands, but it appears that it may soon let you follow topics of your choosing as well.

As spotted by @Social_pip on Twitter, a new feature that allows users to follow hashtags seems to be appearing for a few select users at the moment, likely for testing and wider rollout if all goes well.

So how would this all work?

Think of a current event, or simply a topic you care about. For instance if you wanted to see more cute doggos on the daily, you could simply search for “#dogsofinstagram” and click “Follow” to infuse your Instagram feed with top posts and recent stories around your selected theme for all public posts using that hashtag.

What does this mean for your business?

This new feature could lend more visibility to hashtags in general, so people are potentially more likely to find your business if you tag about things your audience cares about. Additionally, you could view any of your custom hashtags directly in your feed to see how people are engaging with your brand on Instagram.

The possibilities to have a more curated, catered stream of content seem to be opening up with Instagram. Stay tuned for any updates on this feature, as well as all the important social media and reputation news you need to be informed!

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