How To Say More With 140 Characters

How To Say More With 140 Characters

Have you ever wondered if there was a cheat sheet on how to make your tweets more effective? Or perhaps you’ve been looking for the perfect Twitter checklist to use before hitting the send button. If either of these things sound familiar, then this is the ideal article for you. … Read More

What Does It Take To Be A Social Media Leader?

Social Media Leaders

Swipe, double tap, share, and follow, these are the actions we take in the ever so popular world of social media, but what encourages us to carry out these actions? Engaging content. To elaborate, it’s engaging content that’s published by the social media leaders around the globe. It’s common knowledge … Read More

4 Tips for Handling Negative Social Media Comments

With a bevvy of social media tools and industry-leading best practices at her fingertips, Easy Media team member Sunny has experience helping hundreds of apartment communities stay on top of their social media efforts. But one recent client wasn’t interested in staying engaged — instead, they wanted to completely deactivate … Read More

Make Your Social Media Message Stand Out

Entrepreneur Magazine tells us that in today’s digital age, “we must market like we mean it”. But, in the crowded clump of social media sites experiencing titanic amounts of traffic each day, how can brands ensure that they are driving consumer engagement and creating brand advocacy that will truly assist … Read More

INBOUND 2016: Top 5 Things We Learned

Inbound 2016 Welcome Party

Last week the Easy Media team attended the INBOUND 2016 conference in Boston, put on by the good people at Hubspot. The annual conference brings together some of the top digital and content marketers in the world, and combines educational sessions with celebrity sptlight conversations and inspirational keynotes. We had … Read More